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Like Magic

Cadabra's Happy Tail

How she ended up wandering as a stray on Rocky Springs Road, we may never know, but once this black and white, long-haired beauty found her way to Frederick County Animal Control (FCAC), her path led straight to her forever family.

Hermie Undaunted

Hermie's Happy Tail

It was a simple act, one that could have been the work of a curious child who had no intention of causing harm. Yet when someone put a rubber band around Hermie's left hind leg, this gorgeous young cat surely suffered intense pain.

Lil' P, Down on the Farm

Lil P's Happy Tail

When his first owners sold their property in Middleburg, Virginia, Lil' P stayed on the farm. One way or another, he ended up in Frederick and found his way to the shelter in January 2014.

Maddie Grace, Heart Healer

Maddie Grace's Happy Tail

We picked up Maddie, a 1.5-year-old female lab mix, in September 2014 as a stray. Friendly, fun, and full of puppy energy, Maddie had a lot to learn. It may have been for this reason that she was returned to the shelter by her first adopter.


Zeus' Happy Tail

If you see something, say something. This is what we say to encourage people to report animal cruelty. But when Sarah Freitas saw a dog in trouble, she didn't just say something; she did something.

Mending Maya

Maya's Happy Tail

When her owners relinquished her to Frederick County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center (FCAC) in July 2013, the 4-year-old terrier mix named Maya was suffering from an injury she had sustained when hit by a car and was within two days of giving birth.

Rex, King of the Cuddle

Rex's Happy Tail

As visitors walked past his kennel at the shelter, Rex would look longingly after them.

A Posey by Any Other Name ...

Gidget's Happy Tail

Kitten 16-0568 arrived at animal control as a stray on August 7th. As one of 18 animals of a variety of species, 16-0568 didn't initially gain anyone's attention.

There's No Place Like a Forever Home

Toto's Happy Tail

Last December, Cindee adopted Dusty, a 7-year-old terrier, from Frederick County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center. When she first saw him, his hair covered his eyes and he was clearly frightened.


Charlie's Happy Tail

This local Great Pyrenees was left confined to a crate, without food or water, for what must have been several days.

Crossing Paths

Jasmine, Sally and Neeka's Happy Tail

What does it really mean if a black cat crosses your path?

Reading, Rabbit, and Arithmetic

Cinnabun's Happy Tail

Before Cinnabun came into her life, teacher Colleen Street never would have imagined that a rabbit could employ such an unmistakable expression of happiness or that she would join that select group of individuals who regularly use terms like binking—with confidence, if not with a straight face.