Volunteer at the Shelter

Do you enjoy walking and playing with dogs? Interested in helping shy cats come out of their shells? Care to play matchmaker between potential adopters and homeless pets? Or, if you have a medical background, you might be interested in assisting in the spay/neuter clinic.

The shelter has one need in particular for which we hope to find some fresh recruits: cats and dogs who need special handling. This volunteer role is for people who have experience with either:

  • socializing scared cats or
  • working with large, high-energy dogs and those who sometimes react aggressively toward other dogs.

For dogs in particular, we are looking for volunteers who have been through one or more positive reinforcement/force-free obedience courses with their own dogs; those with a background in dog training; or those who've worked with their own dogs, using positive reinforcement, to modify or manage troubling behavior such as reactivity toward other dogs. FCAC and FFOCAS can provide refresher training, but some experience working with behaviorally challenging dogs is required.

Thinking about volunteering at the shelter? Please contact FCAC's volunteer coordinator, Shawn Snyder:
to find out how to get started.

Volunteer with FFOCAS

If you'd like to help FFOCAS raise funds for the shelter, we can always use help in the following areas:

  • planning events
  • attending/tabling at events
  • writing grant proposals
  • researching, writing, and designing educational materials for pet owners
  • developing and implementing other fundraising activities and campaigns
  • social media outreach
  • recruiting and training shelter volunteers and foster care providers
  • outreach to rescue organizations on behalf of shelter animals in need
  • transporting cats to and from veterinary clinics for spay/neuter surgeries

If you'd like to become a FFOCAS volunteer, please contact us.