We Can Help You Rehome Safely

We understand that sometimes a pet turns out not to be a good fit for your family. Or your situation has changed, and you have no choice but to find the animal a new home. If you must rehome your pet, take the time to do so as safely as possible.

How can you rehome your pet safely? If you are in or near Frederick County, Maryland, email us. While we are not able to take in your pet ourselves, we will do our best to help you find a new home or rescue for your pet. 

Finding a new home or rescue can take time, especially for senior pets, those with chronic medical conditions, those who must be an only pet, and those who are wary of new people. Dogs and cats who are not spayed/neutered and/or not up to date on vaccinations cannot be rehomed but may be able to go to a rescue organization. However, rescues are very selective in which animals they accept and are limited by the availability of foster homes. It’s best to be sure your pet’s vetting is up to date so that we have rehoming as an option. Click here to find affordable options and assistance for general vetting or click here for affordable spay/neuter options

For a DIY option, you may post your pet for rehoming on Adoptapet

Caution: Advertising your pet “free to a good home” can be risky as you may unknowingly place your pet with someone who is not ready to commit to a pet or doesn’t understand the specific behavioral or medical needs of your pet. If you simply give your pet away without carefully screening and preparing the new family, the animal could end up surrendered to a stressful, crowded shelter; given away multiple times; or even neglected or abused.